After 15 Years, He Finally Cleaned The Place
Elsewhere (312)

Friday Ephemera

Guess he needed some attention around the back end. || He does this better than you do. || Not unstylish sea beastie. || Autonomous, unmanned beverage and snack car. || What do you keep in your drawers? || Delivery detected. || Why dogs don’t rule the… oh. (h/t, Perry) || Greetings, human. || Greenery of note. || Gothic mansion, Lancashire, needs a little work. || Kraftwerk being Kraftwerk, 1982. || Classy funeral do. || What concerns me, though, is the lack of toilet paper. || Middle-school teacher needs your help. || And in mining museum news. || Nightmare scenario. || Jar contents of note. || Meaty scenes. || Tokyo, 1935. || He’s “validating” himself. Other terms are available. || It’s like a Rorschach test. || At last, a flamethrower for kids. || And finally, his telekinetic shield proved somewhat inadequate.



It's not going to end well. This is just the beginning.

Agreed. We need a lot of aggressive, civility-be-damned pushback. And "women and children first" should be understood to exclude radical feminists, trans "women", and leftists of all "orientations".


[looks aslant]




Why didn't a closing italics tag fix this?


Why did it take two to fix it?
[ Slinks out of bar ]


And so we see that comedy deals with that portion of our suffering that is exempt from tragedy.
(Peter De Vries, The Cat’s Pajamas)

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