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An Attempt To Dry A Tablecloth

Attention, lowly peasants. I bring you art:

The vast creative talent behind the above, quite literally, is of course Ms Sandrine Schaefer, whose contributions to human flourishing have been noted here on occasion.

Once I reveal that the performance is titled Practicing for Death No. 1, its profundity will doubtless become clear. If further clarification is needed, Ms Schaefer tells us that she “reimagines ways for humans to be in relationship with their surrounding other-than-human worlds,” and that the piece above, like much of Ms Schaefer’s output, “challenges conventional viewing tendencies by using repetition, long duration, and strategies that reward curious viewers with multisensory elements.”

You are, I’m sure, feeling rewarded.

And because I’d like my patrons to feel even more rewarded, there is a part two:  

And a part three:  

So much art. How lucky you are. 

Readers will be relieved to learn that Ms Schaefer has been elevated to a status befitting her abilities and is currently an Assistant Professor of Visual Art in 3D and Expanded Practices at Coastal Carolina University. Where those less gifted are guided to the light.