A Sudden, Quite Rapid, Relocation Of Stock
Elsewhere (313)

Friday Ephemera

A lady descending, for unladylike reasons. || He wanted a piece of that action. || An alternative to towing. || Welcome to the clown timeline. || Selective umbrage detected. || Ceaseless innovation. (h/t, pst314) || Incoming. || Not for the nervous, a very close call. || For the bespectacled, a patent of note. || Not entirely implausible. (h/t, Damian) || Alpine shelter. Wi-Fi status unknown. || The past. || The roller skates of yesteryear. || Melon migration. || All back to mine. || Hers is bigger than yours. || Street vibes. || “Without testicles, a boy will become dependent on external hormones for the rest of his life.” || When your wardrobe solution requires some reorganization of external reality. || Freethinker detected. || And finally, when the new furniture is a little confusing.

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