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Marking Their Territory

And in totally-radical-toilet news

Female students at one of Latin America’s top Universities say trans activists staged a coup of a single-sex washroom on their campus, 

It started, you see, with feminist students painting a lesbian pride symbol on a wall near a campus library. As one does. This act of fearless self-involvement apparently inflicted nerve-shredding trauma on the trans activist contingent, who promptly denounced the lesbians as “TERFs, colonial fascists, and transphobes,” before announcing that lesbians are only permitted to use symbols of lesbianism that they, the trans activists, find congenial.

Shortly after, as a result of the lesbian symbol that had been painted, the trans students reportedly declared that they “did not feel safe” on the campus and went to administrators to demand a gender-neutral washroom be established in that area. While administrators agreed to create one, the students did not wait for it to be designated. Less than 24 hours later, the activists took over the largest female restroom, which was on the second floor of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Ah, the life of the mind.

Naturally, the first task was to give the toilets a makeover via the uplifting medium of graffiti, thereby communicating the life-enhancing qualities of prostitution:

“Less abolitionism, more whoring,” and “less TERFs, more sex” were among the slogans painted outside of the washroom. The “female” bathroom designation was also erased and replaced with “gender neutral.”

Needless to say, the conflict has escalated.

In response to the bathroom putsch, some feminist students on campus attempted to mark the washroom with their own graffiti.

With the facilities now being used by rival tribes, all gorged on intersectional compassion - and with so much graffiti to be written and responded to indignantly - students are reporting queues and “lengthy wait times.” The situation is particularly fraught due to the space’s history of radicalism and, naturally, sexual assaults:

Sexual assaults at UNAM are so common that the University recently had to install emergency buttons inside of the cubicles of women’s washrooms.

The emergency buttons have, it seems, inspired ever-loftier politics:  

Photos snapped inside show violent threats have now emerged, directed at the women. One, which was menacingly placed near an assault crisis button, reads: “rape and death for TERFs.”

Because nothing says ‘We only want to pee’ quite like threats of rape and murder.

The author of the quoted piece, Ms Nuria Muíña Garcia, has more on the saga.

Oh, and if the National Autonomous University of Mexico sounds familiar, you may be thinking of this odyssey of radicalism.


Goodness, a button. I wonder what it does.