Reheated (73)
Make Way For The Activist-Wanker Caste

Friday Ephemera

His, quite frankly, is bigger than yours. || After several fortifying beverages, he did it for science (a thread). || Buyer’s remorse. || How to suck rubble. || Cutting the cheese. || Cool-dude styling. || How to make a moon and do it fairly briskly. || “Why are they recording me?” || It’s satire, but barely. || I think they may be cybermen. || Today’s word is tits. || Entirely unrelated. || Lively scenes. || Lively scenes 2. || The thrill of clothes shopping. || It pays to be thorough. || Pad of note. || The Lord’s Prayer. || The thrill of Sunday trading, 1972. || Incoming. || Incoming 2. || We appear to be experiencing intersectional difficulties. || A preference for flat stomachs is apparently caused by “colonialism and anti-blackness.” || And finally, fashionably, it costs around $300 and it’s called a “fuck hat.”

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