Elsewhere (313)
The Giant Testicles Told Me

Friday Ephemera

Three words: post-coital fondue. || Tongue action. || Twitter: The Movie. || He nipped outside for a smoke. || The thrill of carpet fitting. || Cyberpunk excitement. || How to empty one of these with optimal speed. || They have much to teach us. || A cosy murder mystery. || “The erotic mind-control community has a problem with racism.” || Brittany, 27, is not at all religious. || Booby drumroll. || There ain’t no cringe quite like woke theatre cringe. || Divergence. || “What does it matter?” || It’s amazing how quickly the day can turn to shit. || Apparently, he’s not broadcasting it. || Batman: The Silent Motion Picture. || Notice of note. || The thrill of anvils. || Millions of years of fun for the whole family. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) || And finally, don’t pull that face - you’d watch and you know it.

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