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The Giant Testicles Told Me

Jonathan Kay shares the, um, joys of fully intersectional Canadian television:

The taxpayer-funded media colossus known as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has unveiled a new show called Lido TV, in which a pair of talking tomatoes (they look like testicles, but apparently they’re supposed to be vegetables) deliver woke sermons to whoever is so unfortunate as to hit the play button… After video clips from this self-parodic mess went viral, it emerged that Lido’s production company has been bankrolled in the high-five figures (at least) by public funds. Your (Canadian) tax dollars at work.

Viewers of pallor will doubtless be entranced by 20-minute episodes titled Colonialism and Privilege, and stern lectures - delivered by the host, singer Lido Pimienta, and two giant, talking testicles - on just how bigoted and generally awful their collective ancestors were, and how this historical beastliness is, “like, affecting all of us, all of the time, on every level.” Likewise, viewers unpolluted by pallor will be empowered and destined to flourish, armed with the knowledge that any failure or shortcoming in their lives, almost any resentment, can be traced back to, and promptly blamed on, the aforementioned colonialism, privilege, and pale devilry.

The boggling awfulness of the project - applauded by Maclean’s as “subversive” and “surrealist political edutainment,” the work of a “polymath” - isn’t easy to convey in words. Happily, clips are available. And yes, an entire episode. If your idea of a good time includes pretentious displays of indigenous authenticity, rambling, barely relevant interviews, and excruciating sketches about land acknowledgement, this is the one for you.

Update, via the comments:

When performing onstage, Ms Pimienta is known for instructing her audiences to self-segregate by race in an implicit hierarchy of victimhood. Presumably, on grounds that random white people – the ones paying for tickets and good seats - should move to the back of the venue and be made to feel like the demon oppressors they are, if only in Ms Pimienta’s unsavoury imaginings. Those who would rather not are, inevitably, themselves accused of racism. Which may give some hint as to the values of Lido TV, and the kinds of moral instruction on offer.

Should any doubt remain as to Ms Pimienta’s charming disposition, let’s leave the last words to her:

Do you really think I care what white people think at this point?