Agonies of the Left

Two Approaches To Life

Ms Kelly’s outlook, seen below, seems rather fraught and a tad contrived.

Your encouragement is fatphobic.

And so, if a friend or colleague is trying to lose weight, which isn’t always easy, and this friend or colleague makes visible progress, then, naturally, you shouldn’t encourage them. Lest they press on and become happy. You see, according to Ms Kelly, our expert in such matters, “anti-fatness” – i.e., complimenting a friend or colleague for losing weight and achieving a goal – is “a perpetuation and enforcement of white supremacist beauty standards.” Sheer beastliness. If you must acknowledge the accomplishment at all, it seems you’re only allowed to do it in a curiously roundabout way – say, by talking about their shoes

Other, perhaps more obvious approaches are of course available

Consider this an open thread. Share ye links and bicker.

Laurie Has A Sister

And so

Laurie's sister airs her brains.

Lifted from the comments, where Jen asks an inevitable question

Does she think Israel is ‘whiter’ than Estonia?

Geographically and demographically, it’s all rather confusing. What with the violent logic of whiteness. But like so many others, the above isn’t a load-bearing statement; it’s just there for effect. To alert us to an eruption of wokeness, and therefore superiority. Eleanor Penny, by the way, is not only an editor for Red Pepper, but also a senior editor for Novara Media. Where socialists and feminists, and socialist feminists, rub their throbbing brains until something oozes out.

Via Obnoxio

Little Knots of Agony

Hush now, you patriarchal rubes, with your whiteness and your privilege. Our educated betters are about to speak.

I hear a screech of mental feedback

Yes, his whiteness and genitals were the only problem. The salacious fantasies of “revolutionary terror” and global class genocide? She’s fine with that. Marx may have been a man, and a white one at that, but hey, he knew “what’s up.” And along with his comrades, he planned to fix all that. With the “complete extirpation” of “reactionary peoples” – i.e., bourgeois troublemakers like thee and me. Oh, there’s more. Ms Johnson, a “strong black woman and lover of poetry,” has some facts to impart, literally:  

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