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Michael Yon is in Afghanistan with the British military

Michael_Yon_Afghanistan Michael_Yon_Afghanistan_2 

Some people say the Taliban are cowardly for planting bombs, but I do not believe this makes them any more cowardly than the A-10s, Apaches, B-1Bs and Reapers make us cowardly. We didn’t come here for a fair fight. We came to win. Some troops even say that if you show up to a battle and find it’s evenly matched, you didn’t plan well. What most of us find cowardly and despicable are the enemies who hide behind children. The bombs they plant for us are fair play. But males who hide behind children are not worthy of respect.

His site really should be in your blogroll. Via Mr Eugenides

An Unlikely Headline

An obliging reader has steered my attention to this item from Reuters, titled Lynchings in Congo as Penis Theft Panic Hits Capital.

Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men’s penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft. Reports of so-called penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood or body parts still occur. Rumours of penis theft began circulating last week in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo’s sprawling capital of some 8 million inhabitants. They quickly dominated radio call-in shows, with listeners advised to beware of fellow passengers in communal taxis wearing gold rings.


Some Kinshasa residents accuse a separatist sect from nearby Bas-Congo province of being behind the witchcraft in revenge for a recent government crackdown on its members.


Is it me, or has the amount of junk mail dropped dramatically during the last few days? I mean, by about 80-90%? My inbox is now littered with only a small fraction of the usual solicitations for ways to increase my “volume” or to enlarge some part of my anatomy to superhuman proportions. Looks like this guy was indeed one of the so-called Kings of Spam. Let’s hope that once in prison Mr Soloway winds up as some burly guy’s sexual plaything. Make that several burly guys.

Just imagine the “volume” then.