Make Way For The Activist-Wanker Caste

As the activist delight in vandalism and traffic obstruction has cropped up in the comments, along with their bizarre rationalisations, I thought it might be worth revisiting some earlier rumblings on the subject.

For instance,

It’s interesting just how often “social justice” posturing entails something that looks an awful lot like spite or petty malice, or an attempt to harass and dominate, or some other obnoxious behaviour. Behaviour that, without a “social justice” pretext, might get you called a wanker or a bitch. A coincidence, I’m sure.

It is, I think, worth pondering why it is that these supposed displays of righteousness routinely take the form of obnoxious or bullying or sociopathic behaviour, whereby random people are screwed over and dominated, and often reduced to pleading. Pleading just to get home, to children, or to work, or to get to the doctor’s surgery. Even ambulances and fire engines can be obstructed, indefinitely, with both impunity and moral indifference. Among our self-imagined betters, it seems to be the go-to approach for practically any purported cause. Which is terribly convenient. Almost as if the supposed activism were more of a pretext, an excuse, a license to indulge pre-existing urges.

And what kind of person would have urges like that? 

Update, via the comments:

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Not In Fact An Optimal Situation

It was, like, so awesome.” 

Or, “Woman with mental health problems craves validation from other people’s eight-year-olds, whom she manipulates, seemingly with impunity.”

Readers may wish to devise captions of their own. 


Via the comments, and somewhat related, this illustration of ideological capture.  

And so, a woman who has been raped and is understandably uneasy about cross-dressing men venturing into female-only intimate spaces, including changing rooms, showers, and rape support groups, is patronised and scolded – at length, on her own doorstep, by a female police officer - for not believing that “trans women are women.” And the police officer, this rambling fool, the one doing the patronising, is the one who claims to be offended. On behalf of dysmorphic and autogynephile men. “You’ve got in your head that a trans woman is not a woman. You need to educate yourself,” says she.

In another context, it could pass for black comedy.

Also, open thread. Share ye links and bicker.

Tales From The Far Side (2)

Further to recent rumblings in the comments, a tale about the perils of noticing things:

She describes the emails as “rather polite” and “relatively kind.” Her daughter had been a Girl Guide, and she herself had done some volunteering with the organisation. “I thought it was a really uncontroversial, uncontentious email,” she says. It expressed her view that “this person should not be in charge of young people.” (The Critic has seen the email and can confirm her description of it. It does, however, refer to Sulley as a “male”…)  

And that’s when a police officer appeared on her doorstep.

Also, open thread

Our Betters Solve Our Problems

We don’t deserve their insights.

Also, stealing is, like, totes radical

“They/them. 22.”

Update, via the comments:

With the above in mind, some candidates for woke non-binary barista de-escalation.

And here’s a challenging, though increasingly common, scenario.

In you go, love.

It would, I think, have the makings of a compelling reality TV show. With preening, mouthy woke-lings encountering the realities they’ve so carefully ignored. The subsequent tears and meltdowns could constitute a drinking game.

We’ve touched on this before, of course.

And yes, open thread. Share ye links and bicker. 

Dark Comedy

It’s impossible to envision a world without race for the Democratic Party. For such people, it’s impossible to envision a world that gets beyond race because their bread and butter, their bottom line, their raison d'être, and everything that they’re trying to do depends upon people being kept in these boxes.

Professor Glenn Loury.

Martin Durkin’s new documentary, The Great American Race Game.

Mr Durkin’s films, which I strongly recommend, have been mentioned before.

Also, open thread.

Fishing For Status

One sudden move and I would be shot.

A student at the University of Minnesota shares his first-hand experience of racial profiling and police brutality:

After multiple questions, they turned off their lights and left me alone: no apology, no explanation, nothing. Just me: mentally and emotionally tormented with an experience that will last a lifetime.

You see,

It was brutal.

Not only brutal, but,  

the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced.  

And so,

Defund these bastards.

But before you start signing petitions and making placards, you may wish to watch video of the actual interaction:

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The White Devils’ Work

When wokeness means gaslighting:

Asian Americans need to locate anti-Asian violence as part of a pattern of white supremacy… even if perpetrators of violence are people of colour.

No, really.

The strained use of the word locate is, I think, the first warning that horseshit will follow. And what follows includes an exhortation to not “fall back on racist assumptions” – from a man making, and taking pride in, racist assumptions. Such that a white majority population is deemed uniquely oppressive and objectionable, unlike the majorities of other, browner countries, and people can be categorised, pejoratively, as “white” or “white-aligned.” Mr Nguyen, whose words are quoted above, is of course an educator. Shaping young minds.

If the above isn’t sufficiently vivid and perverse, I’ll direct you to this, posted recently, and in which children are apparently expected to pretend similar things, quite hard, and pretend until they believe.

Because, you see, when a black thug assaults and murders a frail 84-year-old Thai man – attacking him, unprovoked, and slamming him into the ground – this can only be because of “white supremacy.” Obviously. The thug in question, Mr Antione Watson, apparently having no agency of his own, and no responsibility, on account of his magic blackness. And that’s why Mr Watson looked so satisfied with himself as he strode away afterwards, leaving a man to die.

To watch the footage linked above and then deduce that Mr Watson, the aggressor, is actually a victim, a mere puppet of Diabolical Whitey And His Infinite Cunning - and that Mr Watson’s malevolence is in fact, somehow, someone else’s fault – is, we’re assured, “intersectional empowerment.”

Update, via the comments:

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Setting An Example, You See

Via pst314 in the comments, a tale of crime and punishment. Well, crime, anyway

A man who was carjacked at gunpoint while he shovelled out a parking space in [West Town, Chicago] on Tuesday night is refusing to press charges in the case, according to Chicago police. The victim “felt sorry for them” and felt that the four people Chicago police found riding around in his freshly-hijacked Lexus have had a rough life, according to a source. He also reportedly told investigators that the hijackers probably just needed a car.

They just needed a car, while already in a car – specifically, a tan Ford Fusion. So, a second, more statusful car was needed, along with anything else of value the victim happened to have. The use to which this additional vehicle might be put does not appear to have troubled our big-hearted Lexus owner, who wishes us to know how forgiving he is, how gushing with compassion.

No charges will be filed against any of them in connection with the matter because the victim refused to prosecute, police confirmed Wednesday morning. [One of the carjackers,] John Daniels of the South Shore neighbourhood, is being detained on an outstanding warrant in a different matter.

But of course. Not the first brush with the law, then, and almost certainly not the last. Carjackers, most of whom menace their victims with firearms and/or knives, having some of the highest rates of recidivism, close to 80%, and with the stolen vehicles frequently being used to commit other serious crimes, including robbery and, very often, drive-by shootings.

And so, because of this clown’s self-imagined altruism - which is to say, his preening and moral cowardice - the armed carjackers will learn a perverse lesson about violating the law-abiding, at gunpoint, and getting away with it. They will be emboldened further and incentivised to see others as mere prey, people from whom things can be taken. And their next victims, whether of carjacking or something else, something worse, will not have figured in this man’s lofty theatre of forgiveness.

The Narcissist’s Priorities

An Antifa mob tried to stop police from responding to an armed man threatening to harm others and himself in downtown Portland on Friday afternoon.

I can’t help feeling there’s something rather telling about what follows:

Officers from the Portland Police Bureau responded to calls to the 300-block area of Southwest 4th Avenue after a 30-year-old man reportedly jumped from the second story window of the apartment complex, pulled out a knife and brandished the blade at people and cars passing by. According to police, the unnamed man is schizophrenic and threatened to kill himself.

Portland Police sent in its Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team but was interrupted and threatened by hostile Antifa protesters who had already been gathering nearby at Powell’s Books calling for Andy Ngo’s upcoming book [on Antifa] to be banned. “The extra noise and distraction made it impossible for the specially trained officers to speak to the man,” said the Portland Police in a press statement. “Officers implored the crowd to stop interfering, but their energy only increased.”

Note that, being our betters, they had to make the situation about themselves. Of course, the Antifa clowns’ self-absorbed screeching and jeering – their refusal to be quiet so that negotiation could be attempted - made the subsequent use of force more likely, not less. 

Police say the suicidal man’s mother arrived on scene and pleaded with the mob to disperse but they ignored her

Because they care, you see. 

The Librarians Will Save Us

A group of 13 “abolitionist librarians” from Ivy League universities… is demanding that their colleagues “immediately begin the work of divesting from police and prisons.” […] The group wants Ivy League librarians to “explicitly name policing itself as the problem” and take actions that will lead to the “complete abolition of law enforcement.”

Something-something “white supremacy” something-something “privilege.” I’m paraphrasing, of course. But really, it’s the same doctrinaire horseshit we’ve seen a hundred times. And according to which, the world will be enormously improved by the “abolition of policing in all its forms.” If that isn’t sufficiently unambiguous, our Ivy League librarians insist that their “ultimate goal” is, and I quote, “the complete abolition of law enforcement… everywhere.” Because “a world without policing” will somehow, rather conveniently, be a world without crime. And because helping people find the books that they’d like to borrow is just too boring and insufficiently high-status for minds such as these.

More than 700 individuals and organisations have signed the petition.

By the way, and before you ask, that sickly-sweet odour is the ongoing decay of your civilisation. A society in which the children of the elite are immersed in such dogma - and are told that their civilisation shouldn’t defend itself against sociopathy and predation - isn’t, I’d suggest, in the best of health. And when these mouthings are deemed high-status, both sophisticated and aspirational, a marker of in-group belonging, then the words preening degeneracy seem entirely apt. 

Previously in the world of uppity librarians

Elsewhere (300)

Charlotte Allen on the farcical racial pantomime of Jessica Krug: 

On September 9th, Krug abruptly resigned from her job as associate professor of African history at George Washington University. Apparently fearing imminent exposure, she confessed that she had passed herself off for more than a decade as being of black-African descent from an ever-shifting range of backgrounds. In graduate school, she told fellow students she was of Algerian origin with a German father. Later, she claimed that she was from the inner-city “hood” with a spiritual kinship to the late rapper Biggie Smalls… Her final self-proclaimed provenance seems to have been the South Bronx slums, where she identified as a “boricua,” or Stateside-dwelling Puerto Rican, whose mother had been a drug addict. She also moonlighted as a salsa-dancing community activist with the tag “Jess La Bombalera” and was videoed at a New York City Council hearing in June 2020 berating the police for violence against “my black and brown siblings.”

In fact, Krug is white, Jewish, and from suburban Kansas City. She attended a Jewish day school growing up and then the preppy Barstow School in Kansas City, where 12th-grade tuition is currently more than $22,000.

Needless to say, things then get a little odd. And rather telling, not least regarding the widespread pretensions and woke neuroticism, and the dismal intellectual standards, of academia’s Clown Quarter.

Seth Barron on the cost of noxious woke pretensions: 

The Department of Education has called Princeton’s bluff on the question of systemic racism, and not a moment too soon. The entire country has been forced to listen, for months now, as a parade of elite institutions—universities, banks, media outlets, a national political party, entire professions—issue laments about systemic American racism and their own complicity in the perpetuation of whiteness. This orgy of recrimination is patently insincere. Does anyone believe these people, or imagine that their contrition is real? Of course not. Qui s’accuse, s’excuse, the French say: who accuses oneself, excuses oneself. The whole rigmarole is a self-justifying performance by whites for an audience of likeminded other whites: beatified souls who have achieved a state of grace. They stand in opposition to bad whites, who refuse to apologise for their privilege.

And Heather Mac Donald on avoided truths:

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